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Diagnostic Laboratories

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PICC Insertion
DL provides portable PICC Line Insertion services to the long-term care
market in select areas.

Facility Benefits Include:
• Cost Effective
• Fewer Needle Sticks preserving veins and providing less risk to the patient
• Recommended for fewer complications from irritating IV fluids and vescicanps like vancomycin, gentamycin, cipro (*according to Infusion Nurse Society standards of practice - 2011 standard 38a).
• PICC service provided within 24 hours
• PICC may be used immediately with new DR Technology, 6-8 hours before others
• Usable PICC at bedside
• PICC may be used for a year
• Fewer return to hospital transports

Benefits of On-Site PICC Insertion Include:
• Dedicated PICC nurses specializing in PICC Insertion
• Offer supplies and information that may assist in development in policies and procedures
• Coordinate with an x-ray technician to be there at the finish
• Visualized images at bedside and clear line for up to 24 hours (in select areas)
• Upgrade of PICC reads to STAT status
• Ultrasound guidance may reduce risk of DVT and increase success of placement

Skilled Nursing Visits* available:
• IV Start
• Implanted Port Accessing or De-Accessing
• Central Line Removal (non-tunneled Lines) PICC assessment
• Line De-clotting (medication needs to be provided by facility pharmacy)
• Procedural Education
• Nurse Education for competencies in IV insertion, Central Line Dressing changes, and IV care and Maintenance
• CEU education

*Additional fees apply

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